Sales policy

To buy separately every time is too waste.
Only bundle sale that is very cheep payment.
All customers can use our products at all commercial projects.

Introduce all products
free sample pack basic garment pack hat pack
 0$   ver.6 49$   ver.6 9$   ver.6
free items
suit and sleeve
basic garment
over 150 items
conventional hats
bag pack underwear pack job costumes pack
 5$   ver.6  9$   ver.6 9$     ver.6 ver.10
conventional bags
conventional underwear
conventional job costumes
school uniform japan pack history_EU_fashion_pack history_japan_fashion_pack
9$     ver.11  14$     ver.10  and .zprj file  14$     ver.10  and .zprj file
Japanese school uniforms
history of Europe fashion history of Japan fashion

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