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Use real-life clothing expertise.
We’ll deliver Marvelous Designer pattern data (.zpac) using real-world expertise in fashion design. Our services focus solely on creating Marvelous Designer pattern data, leaving UV, textures, weights, and setup to be handled by your in-house team, as these processes may vary depending on your internal environment. For long-term projects, we’ll take this into consideration.

We’ll create garments fully compatible with your specified character body type. To maintain confidentiality, we will use data that has undergone face deletion and whole body reduction treatment in advance.

If you still have concerns, we can proceed with orders based solely on text information, such as height and BWH (bust, waist, hip) measurements. We’ll assume a mannequin from this text data and create garments accordingly. Alternatively, if character data is incomplete, deciding on height and the 3 size measurements via scenario or setting sketches can allow garment creation to proceed independently or concurrently without waiting for completion of character body modeling.

To enhance project efficiency.
we include the “base pattern” of each character with every commissioned project. The base pattern serves as the foundation for various garment variations, aiding in improving project productivity.

“base pattern reuse enables the expansion of garment items. Pattern data holds value as assets. Through a clothing technique called grading, they can be reused for other character costumes. This results in significant reduction in workload compared to the traditional modeling approach of creating anew each time.

We address the following concerns.

  • Unfitting wrinkles or excess fabric due to incorrect body proportions
  • Low fidelity of costume reproduction compared to design sketches
  • Difficulty in simulating physics without considering standard sizing and reasonable ease allowances typical in real-world fashion

All these require expertise in pattern making, which can provide.

You can utilize our services for:

  • Temporary staffing during busy periods
  • Outsourcing mass production for background characters while focusing on protagonists
  • Transition assistance to pattern-based costume production
  • Utilizing past data from our website for low-cost mass production of items for new avatar projects

We accept orders from companies worldwide. Our services are fully online and remote-compatible. We share screens and provide progress reports using the client’s preferred conferencing tools.

Pricing Table: *The first item is offered at a trial price, followed by a 30% discount. Take advantage of this opportunity and give it a try.”

Here’s the pricing table:

base pattern Only $260
base pattern + Single Item [Small]: Skirt, etc. $390~
base pattern + Single Item [Medium]: Coat, Dress, etc.: $520~
base pattern + Full Body Coordination: $970~


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