The pattern library for CG character.

Pattern making is essential in recent CG costume production.

We make digital garment pattern by its special knowledge.
At the present time we are using Marvelous Designer now.
As a digital artist,
I have experience that is to make avator’s clothing items on commercial project.
We can supply real pattern data because I have special knowledge
which I got in garment school.


introdution basic garment pack silent2

About acquisition method of pattern data

I have a doubt that is to way getting garment pattern data in originally.
It is too high price and too waste about buying per one item.
Bundle sale and low price is better way than the other way.
Because,you can get so many coordination of fashon more easily.
And,I want to make place which can provide all general garment pattern.

Supposed field


Benefits and efficiency

To use our pattern data is to save your time.


This is an example of creating a sleeve using special knowledge.
You can download it free at shop.


normal sleeve

french sleeve

drop sleeve

frill sleeve

tiered sleeve

tack sleeve

gather sleeve on top

gather sleeve on bottom

gather sleeve on top and bottom

raglan sleeve

dolman sleeve


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